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Patient Testimonials






Dr. Matthew Lackney saved my life! I had severe tooth/jaw pain for years.  With care and compassion, Dr. Lackney and his calming/helpful staff, actively listened to all of my complaints.  Through many visits, he and his staff have given me a pain free life!  My family and I are truly thankful for the vigilance of Dr. Lackney, Paige & Janice

-Jackie C. & Famliy

The care and attention Dr. Lackney has given me over the past 20 years is totally over the top! My teeth were in terrible shape and Dr. Lackney was constantly putting out fires to save them and keep me comfortable.  He then came up with a plan to completely restore all of my teeth.  Dr. Lackney wanted this project to be nothing but perfection including the color, size, shape of every tooth, etc. and indeed, the result was perfection! He took a personal interest in how the end result would look and was very satisfied with the final restoration and so was I!

I am thrilled with my new smile which makes me look younger and gives me more confidence. 

I think Dr. Lackney is the best in his care and dedication to make sure you have a healthy and beautiful mouth.

A very happy and satisfied patient,

Mel K.


Compassion, competence, and confidence

These are the traits, among others like them, come to mind as I consider my experience with Dr. Matthew Lackney and his professional staff, Paige and Janice.

Bad genetics, phobia and neglect are the words that come to mind as I consider my history of oral health. For me, this triple threat resulted in very poor oral health. By the time I got lo Dr. Lackney, my teeth were failing at an alarming rate. These issues effected my ability to eat, as well as communicate or smile with confidence or social comfort.

Knowing that my oral health was effecting nearly every aspect of my wellbeing, I sought out Dr. Lackney for help. I was immediately struck by his compassion. I was extremely self-conscious and fearful, yet under Dr. Lackney’s careful examination of the situation, found myself relaxing and even beginning to feel a bit of relief, as here was a compassionate skilled professional who would rectify this horrible situation. 

Using his competence I have come to depend on, Dr. Lackney wasted no time in developing a  comprehensive treatment plan to resolve all my oral  health issues. Again, Dr. Lackney's concern for my emotional and physical comfort were at the forefront of our 3 year long correction plan. Dr. Lackney assembled a team of two other oral health professionals and in collaboration, my health returned. It was clear to me that Dr. Lackney was the captain of this treatment ship. I felt assured, safe and well cared for on all levels.

These words are inspired by the gratitude and great admiration, I hold for Dr. Lackney and his staff. Dr. Lackney halted the deterioration of my teeth and gums, and restore my teeth and gums to health. Without Dr. Lackney's compassion, competence and confidence, I would not have ever started such a process. I am now able to smile again without embarrassment, speak with others without self-consciousness and eat my favorite foods. Although one can state that only my smile was healed Dr. Lackney and I understand the overarching results of our work together. I will always be grateful to Dr. Lackney.

Kate H.

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